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It's Everyone's Game

respect: it's everyone's game

This April, the Isle of Man FA is launching its new Respect Campaign aimed at junior football.

Isle of Man FA Respect Campaign

The Isle of Man FA's Respect Campaign, sponsored by IQEQ, is rooted in the goal to see more respect and encourage positive behaviour in junior football; from players, spectators & parents, and coaches. Across three weekends in April, the IOMFA will roll out an action plan, which underscore the main themes. We're also reintroducing the Respect handshake. Whether it's a handshake, fist bump or high five, let's start the game with a show of respect! 

Key Messages


Listen to your coaches and the referee! They are there to help you. Respect their decisions even if you disagree.

Be kind to team mates and the opposition. Encourage them when things aren't going well.

Parents & Spectators

We encourage you to cheer and support all the players, and help create that positive, encouraging environment. Hearing too many instructions from the sidelines
is confusing for them. Respect the match officials and coaches.

Coaches & Officials

Keep being the positive role models that you are. Respect the officials' decisions and players will follow your lead. Respect the opposition coach and players.

Match officials are encouraged to communicate with players and explain your decisions.


RESPECT THE SPACE - April 12-14th 2024

Just for this week, only players and officials are allowed inside the regional and 3G playing arenas.

FLAG OF FRIENDSHIP - April 19th-21st 2024

Coaches and players sign the flag and pass it on to the opposition to sign as well.

APPRECIATION WEEKEND - April 26 - 28th 2024

Before the games, spectators show their appreciation for everyone on the pitch by applause. After the games, this will be done in reverse.

FC Isle of Man and Corinthians AFC striker, Sean Doyle, is the IOMFA Respect Campaign Ambassador.

We asked him for his thoughts on Respect in the game and what it means to him:

'Respect for me is one of the fundamental and core values that all involved should display in a game of football.  

It's fair play, it's sportsmanship, it's adhering to the rules and laws of the game. But more than that, Respect is a trait
that management, officials and fans should all collectively demonstrate towards each other. 

For me, every time I step on the pitch, Respect is something I try to demonstrate in all aspects of my game as it's 
appreciation for the sport that we are all involved in and adore.'