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Play 11v11 Football on the Isle of Man

11 v 11 football on the Isle of Man is the most popular format and we want you to be involved.

As long as you're 16+ and want to play we're sure we've got the right opportunities for you to get started.

There are more opportunities than ever for you to play 11v11 adult football, whatever your gender, ability, race, culture or background.
With over 50 male teams and 8 female teams playing regularly across the Isle of Man, there'll never be a better time to pull on your boots and get involved.

There are 4 leagues on the Isle of Man offering 11v11 football with 3 offering weekend football and 1 midweek.


Isle of Man Senior Men's League takes place each Saturday with 26 clubs competing with both first team and combination teams across four divisions.

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Isle of Man Women's League occurs on Sunday's with seven teams in the division.

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Isle of Man Masters League is a veterans league for over-35s and takes place on Fridays and Sundays with 11 teams competing.

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Isle of Man 16/18 League is an under-18 league and takes place on Wednesday evenings.

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How to get Involved

We have created a guide to help those looking to set-up a new adult football team. The guide includes helpful information from setting up the team to increasing awareness; so should you be setting up a team in a brand new club or if you are an established club introducing a new adult team we hope you find the guide of use.