IOMFA Men's and Women's Players of the Year

Isle of Man FA Annual Awards 2022

The Isle of Man FA held its annual awards evening last week, joined by many of our sponsors, supporters and the players considered the best in their category.

Here are the winners:

Burrell Rose Bowl Canada Life Premier League Player of Year: Shaun Kelly (Ayre United)

Canada Life Women's League Player of the Year: Casey Halsall (Corinthians)

Alun Lennon Division Two Player of the Year: Jay Chatwood

Alf Rigby Golden Boot: Steven Priestnal (St Georges - 27 goals)

Division Two Silver Boot: Jay Chatwood (Foxdale - 39 goals)

Canada Life Combination One Player of the Year: Luke Roberts (Rushen United)

Combination Two Player of the Year: Ciaran Leece (St John's United)

Jackson's U18 Young Player of the Year: Tom Creer (Onchan)

Canada Life Young Women's Player of the Year: Stevie Mallon (Corinthians)

Masters Player of the Year: Kerron Christian (Peel)

Fred Faragher Trophy for Fair Play: Foxdale