COE Boys Under 16 Trial Information

Following the first trial, there has been a slight change to the original Boys Under 16’s schedule. We are now holding a second trial on Monday...

We are inviting ONLY the below named players to attend next week on the 14th. Please inform lewis.qualtrough@isleofmanfa.com ASAP if you cannot attend.


  1. Cameron Wheeler         (Laxey)
  2. James Rice                        (Onchan)
  3. Henry Blacknell               (Castletown)
  4. Zach Hanlon                     (Ramsey)
  5. Jordan Cooper                (TBC)
  6. Lewis Brew                       (Marown)
  7. Thomas Hulse                  (Castletown)
  8. Jamie Crook                     (Marown)
  9. George Burrows             (Laxey)
  10. Marcus Koske                  (Ramsey)
  11. Adam Long                       (Union Mills)
  12. Sam Batey                         (Corinthians)
  13. Joe Walters                       (Laxey)
  14. Joe Berquist                      (Laxey)
  15. Jonny Quirk                       (Union Mills)
  16. Tom Murray                      (Union Mills)
  17. Luke Murray                     (Union Mills)
  18. Harri Radford                    (Ramsey)
  19. Tommy Callow                 (Laxey)
  20. Ben Miller                          (Laxey)
  21. Jay Skelcher Maxwell    (Union Mills)
  22. Matthew Quayle            (Corinthians)
  23. Kian Broadbent               (Marown)
  24. Joe Savage                       (Corinthians)
  25. Cian Brock                        (Laxey)
  26. Harry Hewson                 (Marown)
  27. Dean Leece                      (TBC)


The Parent’s meeting for this year’s Boys U16 squad will take place at the IOMFA HQ, the Bowl on Wednesday 16th September 7:30pm. Each player is expected to attend. It is not a practical session, so casual clothes are fine to wear. We only have space for only ONE parent/ guardian to attend. Confirmed players so far who need to attend this meeting are listed below. The final squad will be communicated on Tuesday 15th September via email to parents and Junior League club coaches. If you cannot attend the meeting, please can you communicate this to lewis.qualtrough@isleofmanfa.com.


  1. Corey Phillips                             (D)
  2. Dom Parish                                 (D)
  3. Calvin Koske                               (D)
  4. Andrew Burkitt                         (D)
  5. Wael Mohammed Kassim     (M)
  6. Cormac Smith                             (M)
  7. Sid Batty                                       (M)
  8. Billy Kennaugh                           (M)
  9. Matty Wilkinson                        (M)
  10. Nathan Pope                              (M)
  11. Stan  Manning                             (S)
  12. Rhys Westwell                            (S)

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