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For players looking to transfer or register for a club please use the below documents. For clarification on transfers or registration issues contact the Isle of Man Football Association on 615576.
The current arrangements for players being able to transfer during the period 15th July to the opening day of the season, this being the Male and Female’s seasons commencement date as appropriate to the players gender shall continue.

1. There will be an additional provision for mid-season transfer requests, subject to certain conditions, as referred to below.

2. Mid- season transfer requests will only be considered from the opening day of the season until 31st December.

3. Players seeking a Mid-Season transfer must obtain the necessary transfer form from the IOMFA website or office

4. The player must complete the transfer form, stating their reasons for requesting the transfer.

5. Both Club Secretaries (current club and new club) must ensure the transfer form is duly completed and signed by them and returned to the IOMFA. It is the responsibility of the player seeking the transfer to obtain the relevant signatures and return the form to the IOMFA office

6. The Club to which the said player is transferred shall pay the fee as set out in the IOMFA fees tariff, payable to the IOMFA.

7. Any person applying for a transfer must have been registered for at least fourteen days.

8. The player will be able to play for his / her new club once the Club Secretary (new club) has verified the change of club with the IOMFA.

9. Should a Club object to the transfer, it should state its objections in writing to the IOMFA and to the player concerned within 3 days of receipt of the transfer form. Failure to give written objection within 3 days will result in the player being deemed to have transferred and shall be deemed eligible to play for the new Club following verification from the IOMFA.

10. In the event of a Club opposing a transfer, the Competition Management Committee will hear the transfer request, consider the basis of the player’s current Club’s objections and determine whether or not the transfer request should be allowed. Any member of that Committee who is a representative of either of these Clubs involved in the contested transfer will not sit on the committee for the purpose of that particular issue.

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