Inspiring our next generation

interested in coaching....


If the answer is yes, then football coaching is the right path for you!

We all remember our favourite coach. The training games, the enjoyment, the support and the positive pep-talks.

Through our Coach Development Team, including our County Coach Developer, Tutors and FA Coach Mentors, we're dedicated to supporting and enabling the hundreds of coaches already involved in the game and producing a new generation of passionate qualified coaches.

Do you want to help players at all levels of the game improve their football ability? Can you lead a group of players to play the game in the right way?


Getting into coaching is a great opportunity for self development and to gain the expert knowledge to help your football clubs or team thrive.


Become a Coach

Have you ever fancied yourself as a football coach? Think you could develop and motivate players?

Coaching provides a range of benefits, including:

  • A way to give back to the game and local community
  • Learning and re-learning leadership lessons
  • Getting a good work out...& becoming a good role model
  • The opportunity to develop new skills
  • A chance to meet and make new friends

Development and Courses

From your first steps to the elite level qualifications, explore the journey from grassroots to professional coaching

FA Learning Courses range from the basic entry level qualifications such as the Level One Certificate in Coaching Football to more advanced levels such as the UEFA A and Pro Licences, or the FA Youth Award Courses.

There are also courses which deal with more specialist areas of football education, such as Goalkeeping Coaching Level One or Coaching Disabled Footballers.

The courses we offer are packed with expert knowledge and cover all areas of coach development across all formats of the game.

Coaching board
A helping Hand

CoachingĀ Support

The Isle of Man FA we work hard to provide support to our county's coaches at all levels of football - we're with you every step of the way.

Support, initiatives and training opportunities to help you improve as a coach, be safe in your coaching and the environments you create, and access on-the-ground support when you need it.