IOMFA Pitch Improvement Programme Update

The Pitch Improvement Programme has been on-going on the Isle of Man amongst our local football clubs, and it is proving very successful. We are...

What is the programme:

Overall the FA Pitch Improvement Programme provides a range of support services to grassroots clubs, club volunteers and grounds men including on-site evaluations with practical advice and recommendations. It will also include a range of measures to help further develop the skills and knowledge of grounds men through seminars and workshops.


What is included:

A pitch analysis and full report is conducted by a local expert groundsman.

Recommendations are then given to help your club grounds man; anything from ‘smaller scale advice’ e.g. timescales of when to best complete different parts of a pitch maintenance programme to ‘larger scale advice’ – e.g. can the club save the necessary funds to buy certain machines/ tractors to best maintain the surface. You will then continue to receive advise over a 12 – 24 month period to your grounds men to help answer any questions that you have. If required with the support of Lewis Qualtrough and the Isle of Man FA, the club can also access the Football Foundation Small Grants Scheme of up to £10k Grants to e.g. buy specific maintenance machinery. A secondary report is conducted roughly 12 months after the initial report to see if the pitch has improved.


Which Clubs have already started the process in the past 18 months?:

-Braddan  FC                   -Laxey FC

-Castletown FC              -Marown FC

-Colby FC                          -Michael FC

-Douglas Royals FC       -Peel FC

-Foxdale FC                     -Ramsey FC

-St Johns FC


Total Investment through the Small Grants Scheme on the Island: has been circa £30K


This is a great opportunity not to be missed at your club.  The time is now to get involved to get your pitch tested and a full report and to give your grounds man some extra support. If needed you could also take advantage of the current Football Foundation Small grants scheme and  receive up to £10K investment on 50%-50% funding towards pitch maintenance machinery.


If your want to book in your first or second pitch test and report, or you require any further information, please simply email me at lewis.qualtrough@isleofmanfa.com

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