New FA Coaching Pathway

Why is The FA Youth Award being incorporated into the main FA Coach Education Pathway?

The FA Youth Award Modules have always received a high level of positive feedback from learners yet take-up rates are usually lower than the core coaching qualifications.

In order to raise the standards of coaching in England a comprehensive review of all education provision was completed. From the findings it was decided that the principles of The FA Youth Award Modules should be incorporated into the new core coaching qualifications to ensure all coaches have access to these principles and understand how to apply them to the environment in which they coach.

The new FA Level 2 in Coaching Football is shorter than the existing FA Level 2. Does this mean it isn’t as good?

No. FA Education has reviewed all content and delivery models to ensure it best maximises time and modern learning opportunities. On the current courses you can spend a lot of time taking part in assessment sessions - these are now outside of the 10 days contact delivery time and will be part of the 2 in situation visits you receive as part of their journey through the courses.

What are the course pre-requisites?

The new FA Level 1 in Coaching Football is an open entry course and does not have any pre-requisites, other than an age restriction of 15 years to register and 16 years to complete and become certificated.

In order to access the new FA Level 2 in Coaching Football you must hold an FA Level 1 in Coaching Football qualification; this can be the new version or the existing one. You must also be aged 16 or more to register and be certificated. You will have three years to complete the qualification.

I hold the Level 1 and 2 qualifications and the Youth Modules. Will these still be valid?

Yes, all existing qualifications will remain valid.

Do I need to start on The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football or can I go straight on to The FA Level 2 in Coaching Football?

If you are new to The FA Coach Education Pathway you will need to complete The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football first. If you already hold an existing FA Level 1 you can go to the new FA Level 2 in Coaching Football qualification taking into consideration the action plan you received from your course tutor.

When will I know if I'm ready to progress onto the next blocks at Level 2?

This will vary between individuals. If you are unsure when it is best to progress you should discuss this with your course tutor or Isle of Man FA County Coach Developer.

Can I see how the changes affect me?

Yes. The FA have produced a recognition of prior learning document that outlines how the changes impact all current and prospective coaches.

If you have any questions about this document The FA also produced the following FAQ guide.

View the New Level 1 in Coaching Football

View the New Level 2 in Coaching Football