RESPECT Campaign

The Isle of Man FA is committed to ensuring that football on the island is played in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment free from abuse. As part of this commitment we fully support and promote the FA RESPECT campaign.

Step 1: Codes of Conduct.
Codes of Conduct are in use by all clubs on the island. Some are successful; some are forgotten and simply not acted upon. Respect brings them to life by supporting and strengthening the Codes of Conduct with possible consequences.

There are Respect Codes of Conduct for:

•Young Players
•Adult Players
•Spectators and Parents/Carers
•Coaches, Team Management and Club Officials
•Match Officials

Step 2: Designated Spectators’ Area.
The creation of designated areas for spectators is a key element of Respect but is a measure largely aimed at youth football where large numbers of spectators can be attracted, some of whom may behave poorly.

Step 3: The captain takes responsibility.
Often problems start at matches when individual players are abusive towards the referee, which escalates into several players confronting the referee at the same time. Respect aims to stop this cycle before it starts. Only the captain can challenge decisions made by the referee and the captain needs to manage his/her team to ensure this is always observed.

Step 4: The referee manages the game.
As the referee, you are expected to work with the team captains to manage the players and game effectively. Referees must control the game by applying the Laws of the Game and deal firmly with any open show of dissent by players.

For more details on the FA's Respect campaign, please contact the Junior League on